A CO-OP by definition is a collaboration of people working toward a common goal. And although it isn’t your traditional farm co-op, we can’t think of a better word to describe this place.

Hi.  We are Dustin and Lacy Stewart.  I suppose we both have always been a bit hopeless romantic.  We were a cliche church camp romance in our teen years. That eventually turned into a legit relationship after high school and we were married at the ripe ‘ole age of 20.  The celebration of a wedding is so meaningful and symbolic for us in our marriage, our lives, and in our faith.

After spending a year working for a farm in Augusta, Missouri, (which occasionally hosted weddings)  we were both sold on the idea to someday have our own farm and offer it to host weddings.

In December 2016, the house on our first little homestead was struck by lightening and burnt down. We chose to pursue a new property and through that process we relied heavily on friends and family. The support of them and our community are the only reasons we were able to make it through such a tough season. We have come out of it with a renewed spirit and a new property with so much more potential than we ever could have imagined. It truly is a result of all our loved ones working together.

With our communities help, the long awaited dream of owning a wedding venue has now come to fruition. We love the land. We love people. And we love love. What better way to bring it all together than to open our hearts and home for you to begin your happily ever after right here. It would be an honor to take part in the beginning of your love story.

“It would be an honor to take part in the beginning of your love story.”

This place is not just our own, it’s yours too!  We want to create a place that is a resource for you, a place where you can truly feel involved in what’s going on, and a place to call your home away from home.

We’d love to work with you and along side you. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or with questions big and small.